“Anti-peace groups attempt to entwine leadership succession with border issues,” Ambassador Ayalew Gobeze


Addis Ababa, 24 January 2014 (WIC) – Former Chief Administrator of Amhara Regional State Ambassador Ayalew Gobeze said the attempt made to tangle recently held leadership succession with border issue is a  fabrication of anti-peace groups to jeopardize the development efforts of the region. 

The succession was made in accordance to the leadership succession plan designed to realize the renaissance of the country, the Ambassador said, adding that it was basically done in response to his own interest and request. 

In an exclusive interview with WIC, Ambassador Ayalew emphasized that the anti-peace forces have propagated the succession held in the state on purpose to mislead the people, erode the existed strong trust among Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) officials and deter the overall development in the Regional State. 

According to the Ambassador, the top management of the Amhara Region State hasn’t had any discussion, argument or agenda on border issue. 

The authorized body to negotiate and demark border issue with any neighboring country is the Federal Government not Regional States, he said.

Despite the poising propaganda of the anti-peace forces, there is no land that was given in that sense, Ambassador Ayalew said, adding that this is quite vivid to the inhabitants of Quara, Aramchiho and Matema areas.”

Recalling the coming of a large number of new energetic leaders to power in the country so far, he said that the Amhara Regional State has also accomplished its responsibility in strengthening the leadership with young leaders. 

He pin pointed that the Regional Council holds its session at the end of the year, in October and at the middle of the year. 

“This year the discussion we held with the farmers at Keble and even village levels to create common understanding on irrigation, water and soil conservation and other important agendas on productivity took up much time that compelled us to elongate the schedule of the conference to December,” he said.

Ambassador Ayalew has served the Regional State for the past 21 years, of which nine years as Deputy Chief and eight and half as Chief Administrator.

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