Egypt files official report with EU against Italian company building Ethiopia’s dam

Statement from Egypt Government Information Service


Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Mohamed Abdel-Moteleb announced that Egypt filed an official report with the European Union (EU) and Italy against the Italian company which carries out building of Ethiopia ‘s Renaissance Dam.

According to the report, Egypt said that the Italian company violates the international conventions, as it agreed to construct a huge dam on a joint international river without reaching consensus between the Nile Basin countries over the dam.

The company also violates the EU rules, which stipulate that if any party wanted to carry out a project, it should conduct studies on the environmental affairs regarding the project, especially if such a project was a huge one like this dam.

Abdel-Moteleb emphasized the importance of conducting studies on the catastrophic effects of the dam on the downstream countries.

In a related context, Italian Ambassador to Egypt Moretzio Massari said his country is ready to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia to reach a solution to the dam crisis.

He added that the Italian company that carries out the dam did not represent the Italian companies.

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