Egypt: Nile Water Committee Discusses Mechanisms to Settle Ethiopia’s Dam Crisis

Egypt State Information Service

21 MARCH 2014

The Supreme Committee for the Nile Water will convene during the next week under Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb to discuss the Nile water issue and Egyptian action towards settling the crisis of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The meeting will discuss recent proposals on brining the Nile water file to the negotiating table to solve the crisis on the basis of achieving mutual interest and the non-harming of any party according to the international law.

During a field visit to the dam’s construction site with foreign journalists, the dam’s project manager said that “We are connected with a deep-rooted relation with our brothers in Egypt, so we did not and will never try to do anything that harms them.”

He added that the government and people of Ethiopia are seeking to complete the building of the dam given that it represents a tool to fight our common enemy of poverty.

“We are searching for scientific means to stamp out poverty, and we have prepared different strategies for development in various domains with the aim of improving the standards of living of our citizens,” he said.

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