Ethiopia Applies For Airworthiness Certificate For Fire-Damaged Dreamliner


Battery In The Aircraft’s ELT Caught Fire On The Ramp At Heathrow Causing Extensive Damage To The Airplane

The Boeing Dreamliner belonging to Ethiopian Airlines which experienced a battery fire in its ELT causing what was described as major structural damage to the airplane may soon be flying again. The airline has been conducting test flights with the airplane in an effort to restore its airworthiness certificate.

The fire July 12 damaged the entire aft section of the airplane’s fuselage, according to a report from the online source eTN Global Travel Industry News. There was also extensive smoke damage to the rest of the airplane. Much of the interior was stripped and replaced entirely.

The plane was flown by test pilots last week over the North Sea, reaching altitudes of up to 39,000 feet, according to the report. If its airworthiness certificate is restored, it will be the first composite-construction airplane to have been extensively damaged, repaired, and returned to scheduled passenger operations.

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