Ethiopia says rehabilitates Saudi returnees

By: Apa 
February 21, 2014 


The Ethiopian government on Friday said it had admitted142,000 returnees from Saudi Arabia into over one hundred skill acquisition centers to enable them make a living.
Mr. Solomon Tesfaye, a senior official in charge of Administration, Justice Policy, Planning & Implementation in the office of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, told APA in Addis Ababa on Friday that the government had engaged the returnees into 36 different skills including Information Technology (IT), hair dressing and styling, textile and garment, poultry, animal fattening among others.

The effort, the official said was to assist them acquire a means of livelihood and build a future on their homeland and make them competitive in other countries they may wish to work in the future, rather than to travel and end up as maids and house helps in foreign lands.

The official said that the Ethiopian government had made effort to ensure that those who want to travel and work in other countries followed legal means and went with some skills for their safety and self reliance.

He said the government had engaged micro-finance institutions to assist the returnees, who were recently repatriated from the Saudi kingdom for failing to regularize their stay, obtain soft loans and set up businesses of their own, after the six months skill training being given to them free.

The official, however, declined to comment on the financial implications of the scheme, which is done in batches with ten of the centers located in the Ethiopian capital, with 3,200 returnees engaged according to their interests and abilities.

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