Ethiopian man sets new world record while running on his hands in CRUTCHES

30 March 2014


Tameru Zegeye completed incredible feat in 56 seconds in a German townHe balanced on crutches in handstand, before ‘running’ the race on handsMr Zegeye forced to use crutches after being born with two deformed feetCircus performer said he was ‘delighted’ to have set a new world recordAdded that he was ‘talented’ like his hero, Jamaican sprinter Usain BoltBy Sophie Jane Evans

A disabled man has set a new world record for the 100m sprint – by running on his hands in crutches. Tameru Zegeye, 32, completed the incredible feat in a time of 56 seconds in the small town of Fürth in north Bavaria, Germany, last week.

He balanced on crutches in a handstand position – before ‘running’ the race with his legs dangling over his head.

Mr Zegeye, who was born with severely deformed feet, used the crutches he relies on to walk in daily life to complete the 100m distance. He said he was delighted to have achieved his ‘dream’ of becoming a world record holder.

‘One by one, I am achieving my dreams, and in my life I have personally achieved lots despite many struggles,’ said Mr Zegeye, who undertakes daily training sessions to perfect his unique act.

‘This is my dream to be an official world record holder and I want to show the world that even if I am disabled, I can do amazing things. 

‘I am talented like my hero Usain Bolt, because he can run the fastest 100m with his legs and I can do the same while balanced upright on my crutches.

‘I would love for him to see and enjoy what I have done because he is great.’

Mr Zegeye, from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, was abandoned by his mother at just three-months-old after being born with severely deformed feet. The extremities resembled two ineffective stumps – with both turned inwards towards each other.He was taken in by his grandfather and started to teach himself how to carry himself on his arms.

‘When I was born my mother said I was cursed and carried the devil,’ said Mr Zegeye, who performs with a circus in Germany. ‘My grandfather saved my life.

‘He said every human had the right to a life and this is probably what has made me feel like I can achieve anything.’

Mr Zegeye finally underwent life-changing surgery paid for by a stranger whom he met in church – allowing him to walk on his legs with the aid of crutches for the first time.
Now, he captivates audiences across Germany with his unique act that sees him flip on to his hands on crutches and ‘walk’. ‘This is just one world record that I can do which I have not seen anyone else do, ever,’ said the performer.


‘I want to show the world my skills and I will continue working hard with my training every day.’ His new world record evidence will now be sent to Guinness World Record officials to verify.

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