First Lady Roman Tesfaye established National Cancer Committee

Tuesday, 04 February 2014
By  Nesru Jemal


A national committee established to coordinate activities on cancer treatment officially started its work on Monday.

On the occasion, First Lady Roman Tesfaye said establishing a committee responsible for national initiatives is critical since cancer treatment needs integrated effort, huge investment and new technologies.

She said the committee will work in collaboration with international research institutes.

Health Minister, Dr. Keseteberhan Admasu for his part said the committee will help to raise knowledge of the public about cancer and its treatment.

He said pre-cancer diagnosis is the primary means to prevent pre-cancer symptoms developed into cancer, he said, adding, the committee is expected to undertake intensive awareness raising activities towards this.

The committee constitutes members drawn from the ministries of Health and Women, Children and Youth Affairs, as well as the House of People’s Representatives, media practitioners and local and international NGOs.

Source : ERTA

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