Hana’s killers sentenced to 333 and 443 months in jail

MOUNT VERNON — Larry and Carri Williams, the Sedro-Woolley parents convicted in the death of their adopted Ethiopian daughter, Hana, and of assaulting their adopted Ethiopian son, have been sentenced to the top end of their recommended ranges.

Larry Williams was sentenced to 333 months, or 27 years and nine months, an exceptionally long sentence. Carri Williams was sentenced to 443 months, or 36 years and 11 months, the top of standard ranges for her crimes. Judge Susan Cook said she “probably deserves more.”

Carri Williams’ lawyers indicated they will file a notice of appeal.

Carri Williams was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs and chains. While her appeal is pending, Williams’ bail will be set at $1.5 million. Judge Cook denied a request to lower it to $600,000. After Larry Williams’ sentencing paperwork was signed, he was led away in handcuffs and the court adjourned.

With the sentencing over, people gathered to cry and hug in the courtroom, saying what a relief it was to hear the judge’s sentence.

One group of Ethiopians is headed to Hana’s grave to pay their respects.

The courtroom was packed — standing room only — and nine of the jurors came to watch the proceedings. Also in the crowd were Carri Williams’ sister, the Williamses’ adopted son’s foster mother and many Ethiopians.

Cook vacated Carri Williams’ manslaughter conviction because she was also convicted of homicide by abuse for same conduct.

Most people saw the Williamses in their red Skagit County Jail-issued suits for the first time.

Larry Williams’ public defenders Rachel Forde and Cassie Trueblood argued for arrest of judgment or a new trial, but the deputy prosecutor asked Cook to deny defense motions. The judge agreed and denied the motions. Forde and Trueblood recommended a five-year sentence.

The prosecutor requested 443 months for Carri Williams while her defense asked for 333 months and said she’s not a danger to the community.

“It’s very clear that Mrs. Williams is not a risk to reoffend,” said public defenders Wes Richards and Laura Riquelme.

Source: goskagit.com

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