How many Ethiopians live in the USA?


Debirhan – The study titled “The Foreign-Born Population From Africa: 2008–2012”  based on a nationwide sampling of households between 2008 and 2012 prepared by the American Community Survey (ACS) Briefs and published in October 2014, found that there were 164,000 (10% of the African population) Ethiopians living in the U.S. within the five year period.

About 221,000 Nigerians are living in the US, followed by Ethiopians and 121,000 from Ghana.

The largest African-born populations were from Nigeria and Ghana in Western Africa; Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia in Eastern Africa; Egypt in Northern Africa; and South Africa in Southern Africa. Of these seven, the four largest were Nigeria (221,000 or 14 percent of the African-born population), Ethiopia (164,000 or 10 percent), Egypt (143,000 or 9 percent), and Ghana (121,000 or 8 percent), together constituting 41 percent of the African-born total.

The largest African origin countries for Washington, DC, were Ethiopia and Nigeria. The largest African-born population in Minneapolis-St. Paul were from Somalia and Ethiopia. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, leading African countries of birth included Egypt, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

In terms of education, 14.8 % of Ethiopians had less than a high school education, 59.0% had completed high school or had some college education while the 26.2 % have a Bachelors Degree or above. Egyptians are the highest educated with 63.9% of them having a BA and above followed by Nigerians.  Compared with the overall foreign-born population, a higher proportion of African born have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education.

It is commonly estimated that there are at least around 2 million Ethiopians of an Ethiopian origin, Ethiopian citizenship and heritage live across the U.S. The ACS estimate is based on a five year survey, it is difficult to be sure if it provided a clearer finding and figure of the population.

Here is the full report : The Foreign-Born Population From Africa.

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