Reporter: ETHIOPIA GOES EAST – Yemen

25 JANUARY 2014


With a view to extending outside of Africa, Ethiopia is ready to sign a power market agreement with the Middle Eastern country Yemen, sources disclosed to The Reporter.

According to reliable sources, both Ethiopian and Yemeni governments will sign a Memorandum of Understanding within a few days, after the conclusion of bilateral discussions.

The draft agreement proposes, according to sources, that Ethiopia will provide 100 megawatts (MW) of power per year, to be transferred through electric lines stretching to Yemen along the Red Sea.

The two nations were also said to have reached an agreement to find possible ways to secure finance to implement the plan.

The new agreement will make Yemen the fourth nation to get power from Ethiopia, alongside Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan, provided the project goes according to plan.

Neighboring Somaliland has expressed a desire to take power from Ethiopia, although discussions are ongoing and there is yet to be a final agreement.

Sudan has already secured 100 MW power from Ethiopia, despite its original desire to receive 200 MW. Meanwhile, Kenya and Djibouti are getting 100 MW and 50 MW of power respectively.

According to a report by the World Bank, the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen has the smallest electric power supply of all its neighbors in the region. 


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