Smelling another round of assaults

By Wowocagroup 
February 3, 2014

About 2 decades ago the first round of assault was officially launched on Ethiopia by an invading anti-Ethiopia organization called TPLF.  The assault was planned and executed with the help of foreign powers, primarily the US and UK, who have been salivating to use Ethiopia as a political and economic cow. 

The preparation for achieving the first assault took many years and involved many steps, the major ones of which included the following:

The systematic dismantling of the Derg regime, including making asylum arrangements for its leader, Mengistu, in Zimbabwe, during critical time.

The weakening or elimination of popular patriotic Ethiopian organizations, like the EPRP (for example, the killing of 40 top EPRP leaders by TPLF in Gonderin 1991, as reported recently on Ethiomedia).

Supporting and strengthening narrow ethnic-based anti-Ethiopia organizations, like the TPLF, EPLF, and OLF, by foreign entities.

Creating an atmosphere of hopelessness, fear and mistrust among the Ethiopian population to cause instability.  

After the TPLF took power in 1991, the plan was executed to accomplish the goal set by TPLF and its foreign backers.  These included:

Seceding Eretria from Ethiopia mischievously and illegally.

Making Ethiopian landlocked mischievously and illegally.

Creating further division, mistrust and conflict among the Ethiopian population along ethnic and religious lines.

Conducting relentless assault on Ethiopian nationalism, including on the national flag, and the heroes/heroines of the country and its proud history.

Selling large areas of fertile lands of the country to foreign investors by displacing the locals who own the lands and who depend on them for their livelihood.

Owning most of the wealth of the country by TPLF elites and their collaborators, impoverishing the rest of the population.

Allowing the take-over of many of the country’s other precious resources by foreigners in the name of investment and economic development.

Suppressing democracy and freedom, and instituting absolute dictatorship and the reign of terror in the entire country.

Promoting the proliferation of corruption, immoral practices and distractive behaviors in every level of the Ethiopian society.

Unemployment, economic hardship and the associated effects on the majority of the population.

While all of these mean-spirited deeds were carried out under the disgraceful leadership of the lateMeles Zenawi, Ato Dessalegn H. Mariam, as a successor, has also made his own share of contribution.  We have been told that Ato Dessalegnwould continue the work of Zenawi to fulfill his unfinished so called vision, and, unfortunately, that is exactly what Ato Dessalegn has been doing since he took office.  The appointment of Ato Dessalegnas a care taker was a decision made by TPLF and its foreign backers.  This way, the original plan of transforming Ethiopia into a “colonial” state is assured to be maintained.   

Driving Ethiopia into a sad state of disarray and debilitation and still having control of the political machinery, presently, TPLF and its foreign backers seem to be prepared to execute a second round of assaults on Ethiopia.  These assaults are designed to impact Ethiopia negatively from the exterior. 

Preparation is in process by the TPLF regime to give away part of western Ethiopia to the Sudan.  Aside Ethiopia owning these lands, the decision to cede them was made secretly without informing the Ethiopian people.

Representatives of the foreign governments who played major roles in putting TPLF in power in 1991, are now asking that Ethiopia and Eretria should start a relationship to work together to start business and improve their economies, knowing that such a relationship will only benefit Eretria while further harming Ethiopia.

Along with the issue of establishing a relationship with Eretria, a discussion has also been initiated regarding the formation of some sort of confederation among East African countries, including Eretria.  This topic was also discussed in some depth by US and Ethiopian politicians and scholars sometime before in the 1009s after the take-over of power by TPLF, but due to the lack of positive atmosphere for further consideration, the discussion was abandoned.  The promoters of the idea now appear to believe that it is time for it to be revisited.  Coincidental or not, recently, there was a piece of news from another source suggesting a renewed interest in confederation among the East African countries/states, but the proposal treats Ethiopia as an agglomeration of several independent states while leaving the other countries to participate in their present intact forms.  Therefore, here too, sticking to the original plan set by TPLF and its backers more than 2 decades ago, the trend seems to promote the breakdown Ethiopia into pieces, behind the back of its owners, the Ethiopian people.            

Because of its human and natural resource potentials for development, and the glamorous history and culture of its people, Ethiopia has been the envy of the world.  Consequently, it has encountered numerous attacks by external forces to snatch away what belongs to her.  The present so called rulers of the country are nothing else but implanted facilitators of the motives of the external forces.  Any decision made on behalf of Ethiopia by the present regime cannot, therefore, be good for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people should not accept it by any means.  To have a free, democratic and prosperous country and move forward with the civilized world, it is essential that Ethiopians should get rid of the TPLF regime.  That is where focus should be given and hard work should be sought at this very moment.  The consideration of time factor is important here and it is vital to carry out what is necessary before it becomes too late and regrettable.  A lot of time has already been wasted unnecessarily and a lesson should be drawn from that experience to do better.  I ask you to think about it.

God bless Ethiopia and its beautiful people.

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