Teddy Afro and Bullet from Namibia are the only two African acts to perform at World Cup

13 JANUARY 2014 , All Africa

LOCAL cultural act, Bullet are heading to perform at the FIFA World Cup 2014 which takes place in Brazil later this year.

According to Bullet’s manager, Masatu Thom, the four-man cultural group, was first spotted when they performed at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The group will be performing at the opening match of the World Cup in the city of Brasília on 16 June and again on 26 June in Rio de Janeiro before returning back to the Land of the Brave.

“Bullet performed at the World Cup in South Africa, the performance was televised on a Brazilian television network and that is where they saw us perform,” Thom said. Bullet from Namibia and Teddy Afro from Ethiopia are the only two African acts to perform at the prestigious football competition. They were selected out of a group of eight African countries including Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.

Thom boasted that while Teddy Afro is known for more popular music, the local cultural giants will be the only African performing act that will showcase their traditional music and dance skills. He added that this would be an opportunity to share a taste of Namibian culture with the rest of the world at football’s biggest international competition.

“We attended a meeting in Sao Paulo on 8 November with all the other artists who will perform at the world cup,” Thom said.

He added that despite possible financial unease, the group is looking forward to performing at an event of such magnitude.

“The money will basically only cover transport and accommodation so we still need sponsors, but we are very happy and look forward to it,” he said.

Apart from rehearsals Thom said that he is looking at getting the group to perform in front of large crowds so that they are ready to perform in front of a global audience.

“Although it is too late to get the group to perform at the opening of the Africa Cup of Nations, I am still working on getting them to perform there because I want them to get used to performing on big stages,” Thom said.

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